How to Set System Clock in Cisco ios GNS3

How to Set System Clock in Cisco ios GNS3

The system clock runs from the moment the system starts up and keeps track of the current date and time based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The system clock can be set from a number of sources, and in turn can be used to distribute the current time through various mechanisms to other systems. To manually set the system clock, use one of the formats of the clock set EXEC command.

To display the system clock, use the show clock EXEC command. If time has not been set by the clock set command then this command will show the time lapsed since router is up.

Router# show clock

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As it is showing old date

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So to change it to today as of  29 May 2016 we have to enter the following command

Router# clock set 13:32:00 29 May 2016

clock set hh:mm:ss day month yyyy
clock set hh:mm:ss month day yyyy





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