Li-Fi – The Next Revolutionary Step In Internet











Li-Fi – The Next Revolutionary Step In Internet


What is Li-Fi?

Li-Fi is the use of the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit information at very high speeds. This is in contrast to established forms of wireless communication such as Wi-Fi which use traditional radio frequency (RF) signals to transmit data.In common words Li-Fi uses light waves instead of radio waves to transmit high speed data upto 100Gbps.

What advantages do we get in Li-Fi over Wi-Fi?

1) Superfast Speed – delivering upto 100Gbps.
2) Cost Effective – since Li-Fi uses LED bulbs to transmit data, getting a Li-Fi is budget friendly.
3) Li-Fi is not dependent on Nature conditions, where it be heavy raining or storm incoming, if u have electricity, you will have Li-Fi.
4) Security – Since light cannot pass through walls, no one can hamper your network, until the person is under the same light.
Are there any disadvantages too?

1) Since light cannot pass through walls, and cannot bend, you must stay under the influence of light in order to be connected.
Solution- Install several LED Li-Fi connected bulbs in every room, thus staying connected wherever the light is.

2)Electricity- Light has to stay on in order to transmit data, thus increasing energy consumption.
Solution- Since LED uses much low electricity it wont make a hole in your pocket for electricity.

3) How to use at Night?
Solution- Li-Fi enabled bulbs has the option of dimming the light to that extent that the human eye wont be able to see the light, but the data will still be transmitted.
Is there any device which we can use for testing Li-Fi?
Not confirmed, but there are rumours that the upcoming Iphone7 can be used for Li-Fi.

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