BSNL Welcomes 1 Lakh Aircel Users;

BSNL Welcomes 1 Lakh Aircel Users;


Aircel has already filed for bankruptcy, as they are wrapping up their operations in India, and planning to move on.

It seems that BSNL has emerged as the most preferred telecom operator for ex-Aircel users, as they are flocking over there en masse.

Meanwhile, Vodafone has launched a new unlimited calling and 1GB/day plan, specially tailored for 2G users. They have also launched their VoLTE services in Rajasthan.


BSNL Welcomes Aircel Customers!

Reports are emerging which indicates that BSNL is the top choice for Aircel users, who are mandated to migrate to a new operator as their services are being shut down.

Chief General Manager, R Marshal Antony Leo informed that in the last few days, lakhs of Aircel users have migrated to BSNL, and the flow is on.

“In the last five days (March 1 and 5, 2018) 1.28 lakh customers have ported into BSNL, while 66,886 customers have already joined the network.”

Maybe the stability of BSNL, and Govt. backing is proving to be a factor here.

Antony also informed that the process of setting up WiFi across Tamil Nadu is on with full vigour. 58 locations with 84 access points have already been established.


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