A token of appreciation for Sikhs

A token of appreciation for Sikhs

As we all are aware of what has been happening in India from last week.The Sikh community and the Khalsa Aid once again proved humanity still exists by helping Kashmiris . There will always be people spewing
hate, inciting violence and harming people but there will also be an equal number of people who will do everything to keep the world together and make it a better place.

We are giving away Free Recharge for dear Sikh Brothers .Please accept this modest gift as a token of our sincere appreciation.

  • Maximum Recharge Rs 149
  • 1 Recharge per number
  • 1 Recharge request per account
  • DM or comment or mail admin@techtip.in your number with amount
  • Recharge may take upto 24hrs

Thank you once again

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