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What Is Google Adsense

AdSense (Google AdSense) is an ad placement service by Google.
This program is designed for website publishers who want to display illustrated text, video or ad text
web pages and earn revenue when site visitors view or click ads.
Ads are managed and managed by Google and Web publishers just need to create a free AdSense account and copy and paste the code provided to display the ads.
Revenue using AdSense is generated per click or on a visual basis. It’s free to become a certified web publisher in the Google AdSense program.

How To Create Your Google Adsense Account

To Create An Adsense Acoount These Are Some Steps To Follow:

  1. Visit Google Adsense Official Site.
  2. Now You Have To Click On Sign Up Now.
  3. Enter Your Websites’ URL That You Want To Show Ads On.
  4. Enter Your E-mail Address On which You Want To Operate Adsense Account.
  5. Mark Check on Customized Help And Performance Suggestions.
  6. Now Click On Save And Continue.
  7. Sign In To Your Account Now.
  8. Now Select Your Country or Territory According To You.
  9. Accept Terms And Conditions By Google Adsense.
  10. Click On Create Account.
  11. Now You Have Successfully Created An Google Adsense Account.

Google Adsense Eligibility

Google does not allow everywhere for advertising profits. There are certain criteria and procedures for eligibility that a site must have or comply with to run and earn money on advertising on their basis:

  • To have an AdSense code, you must have access to your site’s HTML code.
  • If you enter a site that you do not own, you cannot add an AdSense code to the source of your site.
  • It is important that your domain remains active for six months or more.
  • Your site must follow the AdSense program, which means that you do not promote abusive content or copyrighted content and meet the technical requirements.

Types Of Google Adsense Ads

Google Adsense Offers Us A wide Variety Of Ads In Following Types

  1. Display ads
  2. Text ads
  3. Link unit ads
  4. In-feed ads
  5. Feed ads
  6. In-article ads
  7. Matched content ads
  8. Video ads
  9. Games ads
  10. Mobile ads

1.Display Ads

Earlier display ads are a typical image banner ads available in various dimensions from the full page leaderboard (728×90) size to a small button (125×125) size.

On 17 June 2019 onwards, Google made changes in the display ad types to combine text and image formats under a single “Display Ads” type.

These ads include simple text, rich media ads showing image, Flash or video ads.

2.Text Ads

Text ads are similar to ads that show the opposite that these ads will show text ads instead of rich media content. Usually, a broad skyscraper ad (160 × 600) will be three to four ads displaying each ad in one unit. If you don’t like ads and rich media images ads are a different option because they can show 3 to 4 ads in one unit.

3.Link Unit Ads

Link units are text ads available in a vertical and horizontal position. The vertical link unit (120 × 90 or 200 × 90) contains three links together and the horizontal unit (728 × 15) contains 3 to 4 links together in one ad unit.

4.In-Feed Ads

Earlier Google offered feed ads for displaying on RSS and blog feed content. Now, you can see this as in-feed native ads in your AdSense account. These ads will blend nicely in-between your feed to have a feeling content feel. However, displaying these ads may need developmental skills as it is not possible to simply paste the code in the feed loop. Generally, server-side scripting like PHP is used in the feed to create loopings like blog index or category index pages. Therefore, you may need to have a PHP code to insert the in-feed native ad code on your blog or category index.

5.Feed Ads

Pre-AdSense allows you to display ads in your blog’s feed to be displayed within a blog post according to your settings. Note when a user signs up for your AdSense ads that will be sent to the feed to be presented in the user’s mailbox. So the subscriber to your feed should see Google AdSense ads in the mailbox. This is different from the standard AdSense policy that prohibits sending an email. Google Recension AdSense feeds that are effective from December 3, 2012, and later present non-ad serving ads as part of a traditional ad group.

6.In-Article Ads

In-article native ads are similar to in-feed ads with a different purpose. You can display these ad types between paragraphs inside your content. This is useful when you have a long-form content that the user needs to scroll and read.

7.Matched Content Ads

This is a content recommendation from Google AdSense with an option to monetize. Earlier there was a restriction on showing matched content ads. However, Google removed this restriction and allows all publishers to create and show matched content ads. You can customize these recommendation ads to decide several rows, columns and other parameters to fit your site’s layout.

8.Video Ads

There are two types of video ads – playing video ads and embedded ads inside a streaming video. Playing video ads belong to rich display ads showing video instead of a static image or text ad. Video ads can be of CPC type or CPM type and the advantage of CPM type is that impression is accounted for every loading of the first image and not necessarily that the entire video is to be played by the visitor. In earlier days, you can enable rich media content by choosing the ad type of “Text & display ads” for an individual ad unit. As mentioned, Google removed this option and include rich video ads in display ads by default.

9.Games Ads

Similar to video ads, you need separate approval for displaying ads on games. You can apply for this by going to “Ads > Other products” in your AdSense account.

10.Mobile Ads

If you have a mobile site optimized for any high-end devices like the iPhone and Android then you do not need to create separate mobile ad units. Regular display or text ad units will also be displayed in the high-end mobile devices since they have built-in web browsers capable of running JavaScript. If you are running your mobile site for any WAP browsers then you need to create a mobile ad and display it on your mobile pages. Google retired mobile ads and now you can use responsive ads instead of on all devices.


There is No Shortcut To Earn Money From Google Adsense, If You Want To Earn Money from Google Adsense Then First You Have To Create A Website, Youtube Channel Then You Have To Create An Google Adsense Account

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