How to Set banner ,line password and console password in Cisco GNS3

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Here are some tips to set the above mentioned  in gns3:


Setting the Banner


To specify a message-of-the-day (MOTD) banner, use the banner motd global configuration command. The no form of this command deletes the MOTD banner. When someone connects to the router, the MOTD banner appears before the login prompt.

Router(config)# banner motd # message #
Here (#) sign is used as delaminating character. You can use any character.


Setting the Line Password


To specify a password on a line, use the password line configuration command. Use the no form of this command to remove the password. The first character cannot be a number. The string can contain any alphanumeric characters, including spaces, up to 80 characters.


Console Password


Console password is needed when logging into router at user EXEC mode from console.

Router(config)# line console 0

Router(config-line)# password Ipman

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