WhatsApp new update; lets you stream video while downloading

WhatsApp new update






It is certain that WhatsApp knows how to engage its users, with so many updates rolling up in Q4 2016. Merely a week after its launch of video calling update, the company has introduced yet another video feature. WhatsApp new update lets you watch a shared video while it is being downloaded on your phone.

Previously watching the video was only possible when the download was complete, but the new update lets you stream videos simultaneously while downloading. Instead of the download toggle, a new play button will be available. Clicking on the button starts the video and the video then starts downloading and playing, together. The feature seems to be similar to some of the online video downloading modules.

The Android Soul was the first to spot the new feature.

While the feature seems bombastic to many, it may help you save that extra time to watch a video as you wait for it to finish downloading.

To enable this feature, you will have to download the latest WhatsApp beta app that is available on the Play Store. You will however, have to first enroll in the company’s beta program. It is likely that WhatsApp would release this feature in its final version soon.

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