Reliance Jio To Launch Cheapest 4G Smartphones Priced Around Rs. 1,000 in Jan 2017

Reliance Jio To Launch Cheapest 4G Smartphones






Reliance Jio To Launch Cheapest 4G Smartphones

There has been a recent buzz about Reliance Jio introducing the cheapest DTH service in India, to take on Airtel, Tata Sky, and other DTH service provider. Now, there has been an update that the telecom operator is expected to launch India’s cheapest 4G smartphones, as per News World India‘s report.

The 4G Smartphone Can Be Named as “LYF Easy”

Although Reliance Jio hasn’t still announced at such updates on bringing about the smartphone, a report by TeleAnalysis asserts that these 4G smartphones will be available under the LYF brand and will supposedly name as ‘LYF Easy’.

Smartphone Will be No Less That Expensive 4G Phones

As per TeleAnalysis, these LYF Easy phones, will be cheap yet powerful and will be equipped with Spreadtrum 9820 processor, which in turn will make the device faster and reliable.

The smartphone will also include several other features like that of a good quality camera, large display, and will also support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, like any other expensive smartphone.

Reliance Jio To Rule Over Rural India

The telecom operator is said to aim to take on the rural India, where most  people find it extremely difficult to buy the expensive smartphones.

Most smartphones below Rs. 2,000 are often unable to do anything beyond voice calls and text messages, which is surely not the case for these LYF 4G phones, and everyone from all corners of the world, can purchase these smartphones, and stay connected to the internet.

With this Easy Lyf phones, users not only can enjoy voice calls and text messages but, in-turn it will also allow the users to browse the internet and make use of all the features available in other expensive 4G phones.

When most 4G smartphone range in India starts from Rs 2000, with Reliance Jio LYF Easy smartphone at Rs 1000 is aimed to take over the rural marketplace of the country. Where most people find it extremely difficult to buy the expensive smartphones, Reliance Jio is targeting that particular sector with a vision of making the dream of digital eco-space come true. Jio Lyf Easy Smartphone at Rs 1000.


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